Software Engineering Careers at IAG Loyalty

We reward the world, and we reward our people

We’re looking for Software Engineering professionals at all levels to join us in Tech and Product roles.

Embracing DevOps and working in cross functional product teams, we encourage our developers to work collaboratively and take full responsibility for the design, build and operation of our products and micro-services. We believe in empowering our teams to make the right technology choices for their needs, leveraging our cloud platform to deliver highly performant, scalable and robust solutions for our partners.

If you’re excited about the potential that your work could have, and you aren’t afraid to get stuck into something a little bit different, find out more about our pioneering careers in loyalty tech today.

Our tech stack:

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We’re pioneers

in loyalty

Founded as Airmiles in 1988, we’re continuing to pioneer the loyalty experience with tech, data and product leading the way.

We’re pioneers

in tech

It wouldn’t be possible to deliver our products without the tech behind it. And since we’re leading the way, there’s new technology every day.

We're always looking to innovate and take on new challenges by looking at emerging trends across the industry for inspiration. Our recent journey into micro-frontend architectures is a great example, as we are now seeing all the benefits traditionally associated with micro-services extended into our web channels, whilst still providing a seamless experience for our customers.

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Our team uses industry leading technologies to solve challenges and deliver our products effectively and efficiently.

Find out what loyalty

means to us



If you like solving tech challenges that change the world, you’ll love working with us.

Our technology teams work with a sophisticated tech stack, with totally modern architecture to boot. We know that it’s the people behind the scenes, writing code and producing reports, who allow us to make loyalty a valuable commodity.

Since 2018, we’ve been getting serious about a digital transformation that will shift and improve how we deliver our Avios currency to over 35 million customers across the world. Our product is a cloud-hosted, micro-service platform, and it powers both the Avios currency and our web and mobile apps.

The fantastic thing about roles in tech at IAG Loyalty is that we offer a real chance to problem solve, overcome challenges, use your skills to better our products, and see the real potential of your work. It’s something a little bit different, market leading and a great opportunity to get stuck in.

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Our products and services enable us to bring loyalty to the world.

And that means that our people in Product play a hugely important role, leading our transformation into a digitally optimised business. We’re always working to improve our offerings, whether that’s assessing our ways of working or improving what we offer to our customers.

What’s exciting is that we give our people the freedom to really make a difference through the work they do and the way they execute it. You’ll discover a working environment that allows you to think outside the box, with big challenges around product management that you can really sink your teeth into.




We’re working hard to transform our business into a data-driven organisation.

After all, we're well aware that data is one of the core functions of IAG Loyalty. It helps drive forward what we do, and it’s our single biggest valued asset, informing decisions we take at every level. And the beauty of a transformation is the potential it brings for those joining our teams.

You’ll have the opportunity to make a massive impact and really see how your work positively affects our outputs. It’s work both on our own brand and loyalty programs as we grow, but also with our ever-increasing portfolio of partner brands, like Barclays, Nectar, Qatar Airways, and more.

And because we take data seriously, our teams enjoy use of industry-recognised tech, working collaboratively to find the best solutions to problems.

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Culture & Wellbeing

Culture & Wellbeing

When people ask what it’s like to work at IAG Loyalty, we only have one answer: it’s brilliant.

And there are so many reasons why we know that to be true:

We’re champions of what we call “our blend”. That means we trust and empower our people to work wherever best fits their to-do list. For workshops and ideation sessions, you might want to come into the office, which is set up to stimulate creative thinking with space and freedom to gather. Looking at a day of virtual catch-ups? You’re totally fine to work from the comfort of your own home.

It’s not just about our customers – we create rewarding experiences for our people, too, investing so they can build fulfilling careers. Our teams are made up of diverse and curious folks; driven to deliver value in a way that’s highly-aligned, iterative, experimental, and outcome-focused. Think empowerment, momentum, big remits and responsibility.

The one thing that connects us above all else is our love of travel. In fact, we have a whole Teams channel dedicated to travel chat, tips and hacks. You’ll be an expert in no time. Oh, and did we mention that you’re entitled to 20 days a year working abroad as one of our many fantastic perks?

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Vision & Values

Vision & Values

We’re loyalty pioneers creating the world’s most rewarding experiences.

That’s our bold and ambitious vision. But why did we choose it?

It shows our global reach and ambition. It keeps us at the top of our game. It gives us a why. Why customers should love us and why our people want to be part of our club. It’s our guiding light and our North Star.

Our vision forms the perfect partnership with our values. Our vision sets our direction, and our values represent how we’re going to get there.

Here, all colleagues own our values, and they’re unique to us:
We bring passion to our work
We have the courage to reimagine
We focus on agility
We excel in delivery
We keep learning and stay curious
We take belonging seriously  

Our colleagues bring our vision and values to life every day in all they do. For our business, for our customers and for each other.


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